The open-source solution for seamless server provisioning and zero-downtime PHP deployment.

Eddy's Features

Server Provisioning

Looking for a hassle-free solution to manage and deploy servers and websites? Eddy Server Management has got you covered! Our cutting-edge service makes it super easy to create servers on Digital Ocean and Hetzner Cloud and provision them with the latest Ubuntu version. Try Eddy today!

Easy server provisioning at Eddy Server Management
Cloud Providers

Eddy supports Digital Ocean and Hetzner Cloud out of the box, but you can choose any cloud provider you want. All you need is a VPS with root access.

Software Installation

Installing and configuring software can be a pain. Eddy takes care of that for you. It installs Caddy, PHP, MySQL, Redis, and all the other tools you need.

You are in Control

While Eddy does all the work, you're fully in control. Not only can you see exactly what Eddy is doing due to its open source nature, but you can also customize it to your needs.

Site management at Eddy Server Management

Zero Downtime Deployment

Our platform offers a seamless Zero Downtime Deployment solution for Laravel, PHP, static, and Wordpress sites , with a variety of customizable deployment options. Manage cronjobs, firewall rules, and MySQL 8 with ease, plus SSH key management and background daemon support. Deploy with confidence!

Caddy Web Server

Caddy is our web server of choice. It's fast, secure, and easy to configure. We provide a near-perfect Caddy configuration for each site type.

Zero Downtime Deployment

Nobody likes downtime. That's why Eddy supports Zero Downtime Deployment out of the box. Deploy your sites with confidence, even on Fridays!

SSL Certificates

While you can bring your own SSL certificates, Caddy can also automatically provision free SSL certificates using Let's Encrypt or ZeroSSL and automatically renew them.

Optimized per Site

Eddy comes with built-in support for Laravel, generic PHP, static, and Wordpress sites. It provides a starting point for each site type and can be customized to your needs.

Push to Deploy

Deploying your sites from the UI is just a click away. But you can also use version control or CI/CD tools to deploy your sites automatically!

PHP version per Site

Not all your sites might be on the same PHP version. Eddy allows you to choose the a version per site, so you can maintain sites at your own pace while still keeping them on the same server.

Transparency Through Open-Source

Eddy is an open-source platform that provides transparency to its users. With the ability to access and contribute to the source code, users can see what's happening on their servers. The platform is constantly evolving, with new features added regularly, making server management a breeze. Join the community and be a part of Eddy's development today.

Eddy Server Management on GitHub

Easy-to-Use Interface

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface for effortless script configuration and deployment. You can easily edit configuration files and view log files through our interface. Plus, it's responsive, so you can access it on mobile devices too. Github integration is available for easy code deployment from your repositories.

Easy-to-use interface at Eddy Server Management
GitHub Integration

Once you've connected your GitHub account, we can add the server's SSH key to deploy your repositories. When you add a site, we'll automatically list your repositories.

Customize configuration files

Most of the important configuration files can be edited through the interface, including Caddy, PHP and MySQL configuration files. It even validates the syntax for you.

Cronjobs and Daemons

Want to run scheduled tasks or background daemons like queues or websockets? No problem! You can easily add cronjobs and daemons through the interface.

TLS settings at Eddy Server Management

Robust Security and Flexibility

Eddy offers robust team management capabilities and advanced security features, such as two-factor authentication and automatic security updates , to ensure servers remain secure and up-to-date. Users can also choose between automatic and custom SSL certificates, providing ultimate flexibility.

Database and File Backups

Eddy Server Management ensures automatic backups of your databases and files, supporting S3, FTP, and SFTP. Customize backup schedules and retention policies to fit your requirements. Receive timely notifications for completed or failed backups. Say goodbye to data loss.

Database and File Backups at Eddy Server Management